Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas with Dude and Andi

Last night Uncle Dude and Aunt Andi came to exchange gifts with us.  We will see them Christmas Eve but not on Christmas day so we decided to exchange a little early.  Collin was so excited!  Uncle Dude dressed him...he came out in his Halloween shirt, MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Haha!!

He got the remote control tractor that he has been asking for.
Very exciting for a little guy!

Madsy was excited to open her first gift this year too!

She got a princess tent!  She was so cute in it jumping inside, hiding and giggling and shouting "Knock, knock,Uncle Dude WOOK".  

I made them a super warm couch blanket and we also gave them some very yummy candles from Bath and Body Works.  They gave us a generous gift card to one of our favorite restaurants and it came with "capable and loving babysitters".  Love it!  
Can't wait for our date night!!

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  1. So cute, you can see the excitement all over Collin's face! Can't wait to play with Mads in her tent! Xoxo