Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Madelyn was playing in her room and I was cleaning up a bit and before long she is standing next to Smores the horse yelling "PISHER, PISHER".  It took me a second and I realized "You want me to take your picture?"  To which she happily replied "CHEESE"

Later today, I found an ornament laying in Collin's bed.  I am pretty sure Miss Madelyn had something to do with putting it there as she is the one who likes to travel with the ornaments.  I walked it back to the tree and as I was hanging it she yelled
"Uh, uh no touch the tree mommy!"
Hmmm, if only she would follow those same directions!

I was a little under the weather this morning and stayed in bed.  Collin came up to check on me and I could tell he was a bit worried.  I asked him to go down with Daddy and Madelyn so that he wouldn't catch any of my germs.  I could tell he was concerned and when he walked downstairs I heard his quivering voice promptly ask Daddy...
"Daddy, is mommy going to be OK?"
~My sweet boy~

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  1. PISHER, that is priceless! I didn't get it at all, glad you figured it out :) and that sweet boy, what a tender heart!