Saturday, December 25, 2010

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

I love Christmas Eve!!  We started off the morning with Christmas Eve brunch at Grammy and Papa's house.  Uncle Michael and Aunt Andi were there too.  Collin and Madelyn got a Christmas surprise from sweet Jannie!  She is so very thoughtful, always making sure to send something for the kids, and she is the BEST at gifts!  Collin got a golf set and Madelyn got an Emma doll...which by the way Emma was one of the names I had chosen while pregnant with Madelyn.  She obviously didn't end up with the name but at least now she has her own Emma!  Emma took a nap with Madelyn today.  :)    Look how excited they were...

After nap time Madelyn was playing with her Emma doll and Collin wanted to hold the teddy bear that came with her.  Madelyn was not about to take turns with her new toy and next thing I hear is
"That's it, I am calling Aunt Jan RIGHT now and telling her you are not sharing your new baby doll..."
And just so you know, he did in fact make the pretend phone call!
Thank you Jannie, and Unca Dave too, we LOVE you!  Can't wait to see you in March!!

We went home for naps and then off to Gabby's for more celebrating!

More later...