Sunday, December 19, 2010

What happened to you Christmas Tree?

This little love brings so much of this into our home...

She is also the reason that my snowman's arms look like this...

And that the bottom half of my Christmas tree looks like this...

Oh Madsy girl, you keep me on my toes!!


  1. that snow man is hilarious! i remember when Nala used to eat the ornaments off the tree.... good times....


    one cowl scarf coming right up!

  2. The snow man cracked me up too! Ha ha, you have to wake up early to stay ahead of her! She looked adorable in the cream checked outfit this a.m. :)

  3. Oh my gosh :) Looks very familiar to me a few years ago we did the same thing with our tree!!! All the ornaments were out of his reach !!!

  4. Dad says you should hang that snow man every year, even though I know it's on your wreath. AB to the rescue! =)

  5. It came from the tree, I just put it on the wreath for the picture! ;) I probably should hang it every year!

  6. Well, Mr. Snowman is still smiling so he must love her too! =)