Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday at Grammy's

We go to Grammy and Papa's every Friday or Saturday for dinner...and let's just be honest, sometimes we go Friday AND Saturday!  ;)  It's something that we all look forward to.  Tonight was the first night that the kids have been there since Grammy and Papa put up the Christmas tree.  The kids were excited.  Grammy has the Hallmark pickle ornament and story has it that the first one to find the hidden pickle on the tree gets a special present.  Can you imagine who the lucky winner was???

He got the movie Toy Story 3 as his special present.
 And Madelyn was happy with the M&M's...

Of all the gifts that will be under the tree, 
these two are my favorite...
I love this one with the ornament hanging in the background from his first Christmas...
 My Santa babies...

 Did ya like that?!
Naughty or nice... decide!  :)

I love that we go to Grammy and Papa's every week. 
 I love that my relationship with my parents has only grown stronger with age.  
I love that my children adore them...
you should see Madelyn with her Papa.  
I love that each week we make memories that time cannot erase. 
I love that my children get to spend so much time with their Grammy and Papa.
I can only pray that when they are 31 they will be coming to my house every weekend with their own babies!  :)
We love you Grammy and Papa!
See you next weekend!!


  1. Ha ha this made me :) for several reasons.... You managed to make a great memory even though it seemed we were fooling ourselves thinking we could get any decent pix of these two on the move! Love love love our weekend visits :)

  2. Picture #10 is one of my all time faves of Mads, love it!

  3. What a wonderful post...thank you for sharing with us. Your wee ones are adorable!!! It is so wonderful that you are getting to make so many memories for them. I'm blessed that my lil man...who just turned 8..How did that happen..LOL..was able to build memories of his Nana and Papaw because since their passing in 2007 he can talk about them with love.

    Hugs from The Girl Creative New Friend Friday...errrr Saturday!!!


  4. Meg, this last picture has me cracking up !!! I can just hear her sweet little giggle :) Great pictures :)