Thursday, December 16, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Today we said goodbye to sweet Grandpa Franzel.  He was a humble man, with a heart the size of Texas.  His family was his treasure.  I married into his family, but he always made me feel like I was born into it.  He treated me like I was his own and the feeling was mutual. Grandpa Franzel was a good man who left a beautiful legacy.  He was married to Grandma for 66 years, that's something to be proud of!  He was a loving father to 5, a grandfather to 13 and a great grandfather to 24!!!
I take the kids to visit grandma and grandpa most Sunday afternoons.  He was always in his chair, and I would watch him just admire Collin and Madelyn.  There were even times that he would tear up as he would tell me of his love for them.  He loved us all fiercely.  Time will not erase the memories we made, the laughter we shared or the love that we have in our hearts for you Grandpa...

I wasn't sure when or how I would tell Collin.  God seemed to open that door tonight.  Grammy and Papa kept the kids all day while we were at the funeral home.  I went and picked them up and as we were driving home Collin kept pressing about where I had been all day.  I finally said 

"We were at a funeral"

"What's that?" he wondered.

"It was for Grandpa, he went to heaven to live with Jesus.  He won't be living at Grandma's house anymore and we won't see him for awhile BUT someday when we get to heaven Grandpa will be there waiting for us!"

I was expecting a "why" because Collin always asks why...
Instead he let out a sob...
a very sad sob...
which was followed by
"Ohhhhhh, I won't see Grandpa anymore!!"
And in that moment I was so surprised at his understanding that Grandpa was gone. 
"Oh we'll see him again, sweet boy, someday when we get to heaven we will see him again."
He cried a little longer and asked
"Well why can't he live with Grandma?  I want to see Grandpa!"
My heart broke and my tears fell.
"Jesus was ready for Grandpa, He has some jobs for Grandpa to do in heaven."
"I'm sad mommy, I'm sad I won't see Grandpa."
"I know you're sad buddy, and it's ok to be sad.  It's ok to miss Grandpa.  I know you're sad that you won't see him for awhile but we will see him when we get to heaven...."

And that was the statement that quieted his tears.  Telling him it's ok to be sad seemed to calm him.  He went on to ask how he got here.  We've talked about this before but I love telling the story...
"God made you just for us!  Mommy and daddy asked Jesus for a special baby and God gave us YOU!!  God put you in mommy's belly and we loved you right away!  You are so special and God made you for our family.  We asked Jesus to give you a brother or a sister and God gave us Madelyn!  We love you to the moon and back...."

We pulled into our driveway and all was well in his world.  I know he will miss Grandpa.  It's hard to imagine that the next time we go to Grandma's that Grandpa won't be in his chair.  It will be a sad reminder of our new reality.  
Family was Grandpas greatest treasure and we will all take very special care of his beautiful bride, Grandma Franzel.  
We love you Grandma...
our hearts are heavy for you...
our prayers for you are endless...
we will take care of you!

Thank you Lord that death does not have to be the end.  That you sent your son to die on a cross to save us from our sin that we may have eternal life with you!  

Psalm 139:16 
All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.


  1. what a beautiful post!

    my prayers to your family...

  2. goodness, that poor sweet boy! those are the hardest conversations to have with our kids and you handled it beautifully... it brought a tear to my eye.. you and your family are in our prayers... love you friend.


  3. Megan, you have a gift of expression and a beautiful heart! I absolutely love your sharing and soon hope to express myself with the same confidence I feel from you. You so simply expressed the Truth, the place we find rest and comfort...and honestly, I needed to hear that myself tonight.
    God bless you and your family...

    "Merry Christmas"
    with love, karrie