Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day!

Today we had a snow day!  Seriously SO cold outside!  Daddy had the day off too so we  braved the cold, and the roads, and went to the Henry Ford Museum.  We go there often and so I decided I didn't need my camera today and wouldn't you know there were SO many things I wanted to take pictures of!  UGH!  The kids had a blast!  They had Santa stations set up, lots of trains sets for the kids to admire AND to play with.  We even ate lunch there.  Pictures next time...

Tonight our friends from church came to visit and play after they went to see Santa.  They brought pizza for dinner and the kids just played while the parents talked and we had the best time just relaxing and enjoying the company.  Here are Collin and Andrew.  I took several pictures of these two and one or the other had eyes closed, or mouth wide open in everyone but this...
What a fun day!


  1. Friendship is sweet, at all levels! :) Didn't take your camera?! Are we still related? ha ha... I know it can be a pain but with those two, you're never sorry you had it. Love seeing pix of them!

  2. Awwwwwwww!!! LOVE this!! Didn't even know you snapped any pics of them....this is the BEST....(future grad night pic for sure!) ;-) We had the BEST time Meg...seriously doesn't happen enough! :)