Friday, December 31, 2010

A sleepover and a party

Tuesday night Collin had a sleepover at Grammy and Papa's house.  He was VERY excited about it and talked about it all day constantly asking "when am I going to the sleepover?".  He has talked about it ever since, now the constant question is "when am I going to have ANOTHER sleepover at Grammy's?".  I can't imagine why he wants to go back...

 Donuts (and an omelette too)
 Cookie making...
 and coloring all while in your jammies...
I think the real question is when am I going to Grammy's for a sleepover?!
 They even got in a little outdoor fun too!
I am thrilled that he had such a fantabulous time!  I imagine there will be many more sleepovers in the future.  What a fun way to make special memories!  

Later that night we went to Nana's for Ryan's family Christmas.  
The kids enjoyed all of the attention from their cousins!
Cody and Madelyn
 Morgan and Madsy
 Sydnie and Mads
 Collin bug
 Daddy and his momma
 Nana with the birthday boy!

They hung out under the pool table so they could be closer to the kids (who were on the other side) while they opened their presents, so cute!

 Boys will be boys no matter how old they are...

What a fun night!

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  1. They are learning just like you, family is what it's all about!