Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Keepin Tabs...

This little cutie pie was solo in the tub tonight.  She is usually in there soaking the bathroom with her brother Collin but every once in awhile we do them separate.
She was in the tub for just a few short minutes before she yelled
"Wus Connin doin?"

Collin is downstairs with daddy...

"Daddy in da chair!"

"Mommy goin pee pee!"
(I was on the toilet but the lid was down,
it was merely a place to sit)

"Papa in da chair"

"Grammy (insert inaudible babble) clothes"

This little one is keeping track of what we are doing,
 and she is quite accurate!!  :)


  1. TOO FUNNY!!! She WAS Keeping tabs!!

  2. LOL, smart cookie! I'd like to think she was saying Grammy folding clothes but it was more than likely shopping or buying clothes! That's our girl, she gets it - ha!