Sunday, January 2, 2011

Still enjoying Christmas...

We had such a lovely Christmas!  The kids are really enjoying all of the goodies that they were showered with by everyone who loves them!  They have really been playing so nice with each other lately.  Here are some of their favorite Christmas treasures...

Hi Ho Cherry-O
 We play this multiple times a day...

 Candy Land is another fave that we play more than once a day...
Collin has never had much patience for game playing...
taking turns, playing by the rules etc.
But he got a few games for Christmas that he LOVES and he is really good at them!  He has even been a good sport when mommy wins because we play by the rules, there are no freebies around here.  Good sportsmanship is important, no one likes to play with a poor sport!

Mads is all about her babies...
 And you should know that she requested these "pishers" be taken!

Momma's get tired sometimes...

I have been trying to savor each moment with these two beauties.  Taking the time to really soak them in.
Stopping to ingrain the sound of their laughter in my mind.
Reminding myself that the house won't always be such a mess.
Filling up on wet kisses and tender "I love you"s.
I am in complete awe of God's blessings.
My love cup runneth over!


  1. Had to laugh at Mads being Mommy :) and love the new background!

  2. oh ! feeding her babies! bless her little heart!


  3. Mads is going to be a fabulous mom :) She is stinking cute !!!
    We got Candy land too :) Bryton and I play game after game !!!
    Happy New Year !