Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day!

Ah, the day of love!
I walked into Collin's room this morning and wished my sweet boy a Happy Valentine's Day...
To which he replied
"Happy Valentine's Day, I need to keep practicing my hearts".

Sweet boy worked on making Valentine's for everyone last night and could not get the heart shape down...
he got to work immediately this morning 
on his first try...
by golly he got it!
He was so proud, and frankly so was I!!

I had planned a little scavenger hunt and had great plans of dressing them in sweet red and white outfits but thought, ah what the heck let's just get to it in our jammies and bedhead!!

The clues were all written and hidden on white hearts, 
mommy did the reading and off they went!
They were even more excited than I expected!!

Clue #1
Here we go are you ready to play?
Let's have fun on Valentine's Day!
Find your next clue in the room where we eat....

Clue #2
Great job!  You know just what to do,
find your next clue where mommy keeps her shoes...

Unfortunately Collin went directly to the front door!
Uh, no the other place where mommy keeps her shoes, haha!

Clue #3
Look at you go, you did it again!
Clue number 3 is for Madelyn!!
It's in her room now let's let her find it...

Clue #4
Alright the next one is for Collin...
Go down in the basement in search in your kitchen!

Clue #5
Whew are you tired?
You've done a great job!
This is your final clue...
Your presents are up near mommy's bed.
Now run real quick, you know what to do!!

A basket of treats for the ones that I LOVE
my beautiful blessings, sent straight from above!!

And there ya have it, 
a new Valentine's tradition!

Sweetest moment of the day...
Collin crawled into my lap, hugged tight on my neck and whispered
"Happy Valentine's Day mommy,
you're so pretty and cute..."

Happy heart day!!


  1. Aw, so sweet! What a fun, new tradition!

  2. oh so cute! what a great idea meg! totally stealing this for next year!

  3. What a wonderful mother you are !!! I love your family traditions and the kids will never forget them...totally sweet !!!

  4. I love the idea of a scavenger hunt! What a great mommy you are!!! Your kiddie are precious.