Friday, August 12, 2011

Fun Friday!

Today was a fun day!!  I went shopping this morning to get ready for a special birthday tomorrow!  When I came home Nana was over and we decided to take the kids to lunch and then to roam the aisles of Sam's Club.  We ate at Culver's, Nana's treat, and everything tasted extra yummylicious today!!  Off to Sam's we went.  Collin was super excited about all the "examples" (aka samples) that they were passing out in most every food aisle.  Note to self, next time don't eat lunch before going to Sam's Club.  I could spend all day in much to look at!!
Our little excursion ended with a big bang!  Wait until you see what Nana surprised us with!!

No pictures today, camera battery was dead~boo

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