Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pink eye STINK eye

It came back AGAIN!!  This time it took up residence in mommy's eyes.  I woke up yesterday morning wondering why in the world I couldn't see straight.  I stumbled to the bathroom and greeted myself in the mirror.  The person staring back at me was blurry but I could hear her say "oh great I have pink eye".  Ah the gooey goodness of the stink eye.  I have momentarily traded in my green eyes for a web of blood red, very attractive let me tell ya.

Madelyn insists on "holding me" each time I do my drops.  I cradled her as I administered her drops so she feels she should return the favor.  She sits, I lay my head in her lap and try to get two drops in each eye without interference from Mads.  Easier said than done my friends.  :)

Last night before bed Collin came to me and said "Goodnight mommy, I'm going to pray for your pink eyes.  I'm going to ask Jesus to help you".  So sweet I could have cried, although the fear of inducing pain to my already sore eyes kept me dry.  But honestly, Collin's pleas to Jesus on my behalf were priceless.

Today my eyes were even more red than they were yesterday (think Christmas).  I close my eyes often because the light is literally blinding.  This has brought out Collin's tender, caring side.  I find him staring at me and he often asks if I am better.  He tries to be encouraging... "Mommy maybe it will never go away, maybe you will always have the stink eye.  BUT I will still pray for you every night before bed and ask Jesus to help you."
Press on in faith dear child, press on!

In other news...
Madelyn has been wearing big girls undies all day and has kept them dry.  She is very proud.  So proud that I found her in the yard, pants to her ankles screaming to our third grade neighbor 
"Wook Hunter I got new Dora UNDIES, WOOK!!!!

He tried to respect her privacy by turning his head, but in true Mads fashion, her pleas just got louder and louder.  :)

Yep, we have entered the world of big girl undies,
where a "wedge" is more than just a shoe...

Keep em dry beauty, and please, keep em covered!!


  1. Aw, they are caring for you the way you care for them. So sweet!

  2. I bet my Kristen pictures REALLY upset you. I love her and these pictures scare ME!