Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fun

Today was a super busy day full of fun!!  I worked until a little before noon, came home and swooped up Collin and headed to his first school field trip to a karate gym.  Left my camera at home, total loser!  He had fun doing karate chops and kicks while pumping "champion fists" in the air and shouting HIYA (is that how you spell that word?).  I sat on the sidelines and giggled, I so enjoy watching him do his thing in a class setting.  Makes me proud!

After our field trip we swung home and scooped up Madelyn (who was staying with my niece Katlyn) and headed to Chili's to meet up with one of my besties and her two beauties.  Collin brought special suckers for everyone and the kids had a blast with one another...

Next stop, the movies!!  We posed for a picture in front of Happy Feet Two but were there to see the Lion King in 3D.
 Look at this doll in her 3D glasses...

 Such a handsome fella!

 Sweet Mads made it for about an hour and then got restless.  I took her into the hallway for the last 15 minutes and she blew off some steam.

She met up with two older gals who were sitting in the hallway waiting for their movie to start.  They were fast friends.  They just got the biggest kick out of her!  One even commented "she should be on TV".  Maybe someday we'll be at the cinema to watch our Madsy girl on the big screen?  Either way, her and her brother will always be super stars to this momma!!


  1. What a FUN day !!! Love all the pictures :) I'm so glad you won my giveaway !! Now please send me your address via email or Facebook !!!!

  2. Just found your blog thru Tammy's.

    Looks like a really fun day!! Your little girl is too cute with all her expressions. :)