Thursday, October 13, 2011


Tonight we decided to make a trip to GG's.  GG is short for great grandma or in Ryan's world it's gangster granny.  Ha!  We all love spending time with her and try to get over there as often as we can.     She is just so sweet and gracious as my two littles tear her house apart.  They are very interested in all her things and feel the need to open drawers, snoop through closets and venture behind all closed doors.  GG just giggles sweetly and doesn't seem to mind.  I had every intention of bringing my camera and then completely forgot it.  Totally missed out on some sweet pictures.
Madelyn sat at GG's desk and wrote notes about who knows what to who knows who!  She jingled and jangled with her arms full of GG's bracelets, from wrist to elbow.  Such a beauty!
Collin dashed around wearing GG's pink slippers dragging two large suitcases through the house.  Apparently he was "going on a plane to see Jannie".  We soon discovered that he had "packed" all of GG's shoes and the remainder of her jewels (the ones Madelyn left behind).  There weren't any clothes so it's safe to assume that he is planning on a nude vacay but was fashionable enough not to forget the accessories...his daddy would be so proud.  :)

Grammy made a guest appearance which added to the fun!  She walked in and the first thing from Madelyn's mouth was "where's Jannie?"  

My kids miss their Jannie!!  

  Anywho, if you happen to see our GG out and about this week and she is barefoot, she hasn't lost her mind, she just can't find her shoes...
See you next week GG!

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  1. So glad you posted about this because I texted Jannie and she replied "be still my heart!" truly amazing to hear those words from a 2 1/2 yr. old two weeks later... But then we're talkin abt Jannie who always leaves a deep heart impression! And GG who says "those great grandkids, they changed my life!" :)