Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Snail Mail

Today the kids were beyond delighted when we brought in the mail only to find they each had something with their name on it!!  Grammy and Papa had sent them each a post card.  One for Collin just to let him know how proud they were of his singing on Sunday.  And one for Madelyn to let her know they were so proud that she sat so quietly during church.  :)  So sweet!  Amazing how something as simple as a post card can make someone's day!!  We need to be usin the snail mail a little more often!!

Thanks Grammy and Papa!  You totally made our day!!


  1. SO adorable! Children have such an amazing way of reminding us that it is the most simple gesture that can have the most impact. Too sweet!

  2. So glad it made them happy, you know we'd do anything to make that happen! =)