Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Fantasyland is a Christmas tradition in our house!!  I remember going when I was little and we have gone each year with Collin and Madelyn.  Nana usually always goes with us too which makes it extra special!  The kids love truly it there and their eyes are full of Christmas wonder!

Watching the trains.
 Giving her best CHOO CHOO
 Collin givin a shout out for the good ole Polar Express.

 In line for Santa

 Santa is in a room all of his own.  When it was our turn they pulled the rope back and Madelyn literally ran right into his arms and threw her arms around him like they were old friends.
  Sweet girl truly doesn't meet a stranger.

 Mrs. Claus
 Our best attempt at a family photo.  

Making memories that will last a lifetime 
with the ones I love the most!

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