Monday, December 5, 2011

Potty Words

Why o why do my children find them to be so funny?
Apparently Collin isn't the only one his age who finds them funny.
When Ryan went to pick up Collin from school today Ms. Pam took him to the side (because she didn't want Collin to know she was telling him) and told daddy "that Collin had a time out today".

GASP!  Believe me I know!
I mean it was bound to happen sooner or later but it still kinda stings.

She went on to say that he was
"saying and giggling about potty words like fart and poop".

Oh seriously people, how embarrassing.  
But let's just be honest, I'm relieved and thankful the boy wasn't sassing his teacher.

She was quick to assure daddy that he wasn't the only one.  In fact it was Collin, another little boy and two girls.  Yep, even the girls find potty words funny.  Truth be told, had Madelyn been there her behind would have probably been seated right next to her brother's in the time out spot because she finds those words every bit as funny as he does.

Ms. Pam didn't want Collin to know that she was telling daddy.  I'm assuming she didn't want us to make a big deal out of it but wanted us to know about it in the event that he should mention it at home.

We both talked with him about it and he had some alone time in his room, which is like torture to him, he hates the thought of anything going on without him.
He also had to write an apology to Ms. Pam.  He helped me come up with a sentence, I wrote the first copy and he had to rewrite it in his own handwriting...
I didn't want to be too harsh.  I mean he is a four year old boy after all.  He will make mistakes, that is how we learn.  But I also wanted to send the message that we do not take any silliness or misbehavior in school lightly.

Shout out to Ms. Pam for putting the smack down on the potty words.

Up until today each time we have talked to Ms. Pam she has always been sure to include "we are still encouraging and waiting for Collin to break out of his shell...."



  1. I would say BOYS! But I guess girls don't back away from this being funny until they enter the embarrassed stage :)

  2. Looks like a pretty good blueprint to follow for "potty word punishment!" I'll have to remember that for when this comes up with my child, as I'm sure it will! I'm sure he learned a very valuable lesson... :)