Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shower #2

Tonight mom hosted a baby shower for Michael and Andi.  Such a nice time.  Decor was fab, food was delish and the company was spectacular.  Nothing like being in a room full of people who all love you!  I was a total loser behind the camera, I mean total loser.  My kids were there for the first two hours and I couldn't concentrate on much other than making sure that they were running like wild people and interrupting the conversation of all the lovely ladies.  Nana was sweet enough to take them home after dinner and gifts to get their bedtime routine started.  I stayed to chat with a few friends and before I knew it it was close to 9 and most everyone was gone, totally lost in conversation, I obviously don't get enough of it.  :)
Anywho, this is what I got...

Presh handmade gift from none other than Jannie!
 Collin was very serious about his job as "gift helper"
 Mads was delighted to help as well.
 Sweet lil Mak and GG
 Look at that face!
 And the two who made it all possible...
and mom...
Great work gals, you are an amazing team!

So many other people who I wish I would have gotten pictures of.  Andi's mom, dad and sister were all there, sweet as always.
Michael's life long best friend Chris was there with his wife, the boys stick together even at wedding and baby showers, that's true friendship.  :)
There were countless others as well, totally failed at my job.  

Showers are complete and now we are officially ready for baby M!
Well, I'm ready anyway~
Bring it!!  :)

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