Friday, December 9, 2011

You say toilet

and she'll say "terlet".

Just days ago I posted wondering why my children find "potty words" so hilarious.  And now I, the mature mommy of said littles, am the who is laughing.  But seriously how can you not giggle even a little when this sweet face gleefully mutters the word "terlet".

She's not trying to be funny, it's just how she pronounces the word.

"I go potty on the terlet"
"Flush it down the terlet"
"Big girls go potty on the terlet"

Even if you didn't giggle out loud, I bet you cracked a smile, 
go ahead and admit it, cause it's kinda funny right?!

She keeps me laughing and can also melt my heart in an instant.
Like today, she stood at the front door, put her hands on it and spoke about her brother, and partner in crime...

"muh big boy is at school tuhday, he's muh fren, I miss him"

Bets are you laughed (or at least cracked a smile) and said awww (or at least you thought about saying it) by the time you made it here to the end...or am I the only one?

We love you Madsy pie! 

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