Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's seems to be the way we do it~

What began as a fun day ended us in the ER...

Collin and daddy went to Monster Jam at Ford Field. 
Ryan had purchased 3 front row tickets over a year ago.
I was supposed to go along with them.
Madelyn was going to spend the night at Grammy and Papa's.

Being that I had signed up for a weekend class that is needed in order to renew my teaching certificate, I decided to bail out of Monster Jam.

I felt super guilty.
Should I go?  Should I stay?

I decided it would be a ridiculously long day so I opted out of the Ford Field fun.  Nana decided to go in my place, which was a great idea!

Madelyn and I met Grammy and Papa for dinner at Big Bear Lodge and then hung out at their house for a bit.

I brought Madelyn home and put her to bed.  She was full of energy.  Jumping on her bed and acting like a crazy person.  
Last I heard from her was at 8:30 when she asked for a refill on her water.

Fast forward just a very few minutes to a little after 9:00.
I hear her crying a bit so I go up only to realize that she has vomited all over herself and her bed.  
I have mentioned how I feel about vomit correct?
Makes me super anxious.  

But I did what any mommy would do, 
I put on my big girl pants and I swooped her up and took her straight to the tub.  I bathed her sick body, washed her sour hair and dressed her warmly.  I wrapped her and laid her on the blanketed floor.  Wasn't long before she started vomiting again and again and again...
it went on like this every 10-15 minutes until her daddy got home and we decided to take her to the ER.

Poor thing was so pitifully sweet.  
She hardly cried.
She was a little warrior.

We were in the ER for a few hours and were finally able to stop the vomiting with 2 doses of Zofran.

We have been vomit free since 3 a.m.
Let's hope my house stays vomit free.
I feel like I am just sitting here waiting for the lurking beast to attack.

None of this surprised God.
He knew this was in the plan.
All of us were in the exact place we needed to be.
I kept thinking about how awful I would have felt had she been sick at Grammy's house.  I'm also so thankful that Nana was with the boys at Monster Jam because she was able to stay with Collin when we took off to the ER.  She also graciously did most of the vomit laundry, bless her heart.
Poor Collin was beside himself, shedding tears at rapid speed as he worried about his little sister.  
But everyone was right where they were supposed to be.
I'm thankful for that.  

Our family has been very blessed.
We are generally very healthy.
In fact this is the first time either of my kids have ever even had the stomach flu.
Yep, God has blessed our kids with health.
But boy when someone gets sick we do it up big around here!
3 ER trips...
They say third time is a charm.
So we're done.

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  1. You are so very right God has truly blessed all of us and we were all in the right place at the right time..
    Praying that no one else will get this ugly, nasty bug....but if we do oh well it's 12 hrs...hopefully it will be one of the adults so we can at least run for the