Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dear Uncle Dude...

Dear Uncle Dude,
Happy birthday Uncle Dude.  I love you.  I think you are silly.  I like you because I really love you.  I will buy you a kite for your birthday.  A batman kite.  Today you are _______ years old...  I don't know cause I think I not know that kind of number.  (Translation, you are old).  You are really good at readin.  I'll see you tonight at your house to play.  Bye.
Love, Madelyn

Dear Uncle Dude,
Happy birthday.  I love you.  You are really good at working on the computer.  I think you are going to be kind of like 100.  When will I be 100 years old and in 100th grade?  Happy birthday.

Love, Collin

Dear Michael,
You are absolutely one of my all time favorite people.  Always have been, always will be.  You are such a bright light to all who have the privilege of knowing you.  To know you is to love you.  I'm your sister, so some may say I am partial but I think you are one of the greatest guys I will ever know.  ;)
I wish you nothing but happiness and laughter this year...

Here's to you Uncle Dude!!

Happy Birthday!!

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