Friday, March 16, 2012

Birthday beginnings...

This week will be our birthday palooza week.  We start with Madelyn on Tuesday, Michael on Thursday and Collin on Friday.  The kids big par~tay is on Saturday.  I will be dead dog tired by Saturday night...yes dead dogs are very tired.  But it seriously is such a fun week!

Birthday week started early today!  We came home from school to find a package from none other than JANNIE!  She had a little note for me that the kids could open their package early.  And we got right to work on that....

Seriously Jannie, it could have ended here, she was thrilled.
 Collin shouted "an ENVELOPE!"
Again, it could have ended here and he would have been happy.

 Mads wasted no time getting into the beloved sugar stick.

 A wallet!!
 But not just any wallet...
a STAR WARS wallet!  
Collin is SO into Star Wars right now!
Bell ringer!
And look what he found inside...
 A Target gift card!
But not just any gift card, a MONSTER TRUCK gift card!
Another favorite.
Jannie you are SO cool.

What could it be...
 With a GIFT CARD!!
 Madelyn actually got a wristlet.  
A cheetah print wristlet.
I mean seriously Jannie you are SO cool.

Cute side story. 
The kids each had two suckers taped to the front of their gifts.
They quickly realized that one of them was a whistle sucker.
Collin says
"wow, Jannie really is SO cool"

Yes, yes she is son.

We had already planned a trip to Target today so the kids were thrilled that they had money to spend.  
And off we went...

While driving there Collin chimes in from the back...
"Man, Jannie really is cool mommy"
 What fun for them!
And yes, I was the crazy camera lady in the middle of Target.
We wanted you to feel like you were with us every step of the way Jannie!

They made their final choices and they each paid separately.
Yes I did take pictures at the check out.
Oh yes I did.
Daddy would have been mortified.  ;)

Collin bought new Spiderman sunglasses...
 And a talking/sound Darth Vader mask he has been eyeing for weeks!
 Madelyn got roll on lip gloss and a princess pack that she has also had her eye on!!
 No one wasted any time, we all got right to work!

Jannie I can not even tell you what fun we had!  The kids were tickled to the core!  You always make us feel so loved, so remembered.  Your gifts are always perfectly matched to the very specifics of each personality.  You really are that cool.
I hope you know just how appreciated you are.
Our hearts are full.

And here is a little note dictated by the littles.
Mads in pink and Collin in blue...

Dear Jannie,
I love you.  Thank you for all this coooooool stuff!  We think you are beautiful.  We love you Jannie.  Thank you for all the good stuff, we LOVE it!  We love Jesus.  Thank you for the cool stuff Jannie, so much... we sure love what you "sended" us in the mail.  We love you Jannie.  You really are SO cool.  We will see you soon, we love you Jannie. 

Thank you Jannie, from all of us!


  1. Happy Birthday !!!! Love all the photos :) Adorable !!!!

  2. What fun !!! Love, love all the pictures..
    The kids are right Jannie alway's chooses the perfect gift....she is really cool..