Saturday, March 10, 2012

God decides...

On our way to Grammy and Papa's tonight and Collin asks
"Mommy why do some people get brothers and other people get sisters?"

"Well Collin, God decides who gets to be in each family and sometimes he decides people need a brother and sometimes he decides that people need a sister.  God gave you a sister and he gave Madelyn a brother.  It's always up to him."

A very few moments of silence...

"Well, I needed a big sister, because this little one whines and cries too much!"

As if he is never, ever the reason for her whining and crying...
She begs to differ!  

During our visit I was talking to mom about how I feel stretched this week.  I just feel tired and worn.  She politely smiled and agreed, that yes mothering can be exhausting at times.

Not long before she is giggling.
Her and dad were recently going through some of Grandma Fran's keepsakes and they came across a handwritten letter that dad had sent, good old snail mail.  It was a nice two page letter catching her up on family news.  He finally brings the letter to close by saying...

"well mom I have to get going, these kids demand my attention .  Especially Meg, she is always asking for something..."

Let it be noted that there was a double underline under the word demand.  :)

I laughed hard.

And then I thought, don't worry dad, I'm getting mine, I'm definitely getting mine...


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  2. That is so funny Meg but so very true...the circle of life continues and we all get ours..but Thank God it is all worth it ..xo

  3. I love the simple, pure love. Real joy. Rare. Blessed are we who attain it.