Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Unfortunately the stomach bug bit every one of us in some form or another.  Nana called yesterday morning and let us know that she had been sick the entire night before.  Collin began complaining of a sore belly early yesterday morning and Ryan and I both ended up feeling sick as well.  Everyone was just laying around trying to keep from throwing up.  Nice visual huh?

Madelyn decided to go first.  Why she got sick again is beyond me but I was nearly brought to tears at the thought of every person in this house being sick on the same night.  I went to sleep on the floor in the playroom with her and daddy slept on the floor with Collin in the living room.  Not long before I heard Collin losing his guts.  He fought the beast hard, refusing to give in to what his body was telling him to forcefully do.  He is his mother's child when it comes to vomit.  :)

Eventually everyone fell asleep, and while the floor was far  from comfortable, we made it through the night and so far so good.  
Praying hard that we are on the other side.  
Nights like that make me all the more thankful for the health of my children.  I am reminded that some parents live this nightmare day in and day out with chronically ill children.  Unimaginable. 
I just hate to see my babies sick.
It makes me feel so very helpless.
I was texting with a friend last night who was asking about the kids and she sent a message that said...
"they are in good hands"
to which I replied...
"only because they are in God's hands"
Thankful I personally know the great physician!!


  1. We're praying for you guys! The flu stinks...

  2. Hope everyone is feeling a lot better by now!