Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dare I say...

we are on the mend!
Whew, glad to have the worst of that behind us.
Let's pray it doesn't visit our house for a loooooooong time, mkay?!

Thank you to all who called and sent messages to check in on us!  Even Jannie was checking on us from states away!
We felt very loved.

Moving on...

Seriously the cutest boy you have ever seen right?

Growing up so fast.
Too fast for this momma.
Be still my heart.
Before I know it his voice will grow deep and he will be a man.
Until then, he will just smell like one.
And not just any man.
An old one...

Yes, yes it's true.
Tonight after bath I sent him upstairs to get dressed.
Minutes later he comes down and says 
"mommy don't ya need to brush my hair"

I don't even need to turn my head.
His cologne enters the room before he does.
Holy night~
I try to speak but am choking and gasping for breath.
Ok so maybe that's being a little dramatic.
But then again, maybe it's not.

I say WHOAH.
He flashes that coy smile of his.
I tell him he smells like a dude.
It was obviously the smell he was after because he looked super proud.

So what is the secret to smelling like you are decades older than you are?

Find the random cologne in the random cupboard and spray as many sprays as you can get in before choking.
If in doubt that you have sprayed enough, hold your breath and spray some more for good measure.
Especially if the goal is to be able to smell you no matter where you are in the house...
and in this case, let's be honest, you can probably smell him from the curb.  

Eat your heart out ladies~
the boy is all mine...

Should you happen to stop in for a visit in the next few weeks and it smells like an old folk's bingo festival, you'll know why.


  1. Absolute cutest boy EVER!!! Ugh on the cologne though, ha!

  2. Ahh, yes... Never to early to have a good musk in the rotation. Hilarious!