Friday, March 9, 2012

A full heart

Collin went back to school today after missing the first two days this week.  On the way there I coached him over and over about what to do if he started to feel sick.  I had no reason to think he would have any problems, he has been fine since Wednesday, but still a momma wants to know that her babes are taken care of. 

 We pulled up to the curb drop off...

(Do you remember my anxiety about curb drop off?  Read about it here.  I am proud to say that when I go to orientation for Madelyn I will be one of those momma's who happily smiles and nods while Ms. Penny talks about the beauty of curb side drop off )

And moving on...

Ms. Pam was quick to open the door.  She threw open her arms and exuberantly asked 
"where have you been we have MISSED you?!"

Collin smiled his shy smile and gave her his signature hug.
If you have ever gotten one then you know exactly what I am talking about.

As he walked to the door she called his name and said again...
"we have really missed you Collin and I just really needed that hug"

Ms. Kathy was at the door and I watched in my mirror as she held him in her embrace for many moments.  I smiled all to myself as my eyes got hot with tears.  I will never, ever be able to express how very grateful I am that Collin has been blessed with the teachers that he has.  They have laid the very foundation that others will build upon for years to come.  I simply could not have asked for a better first school experience for my first born treasure.  

Both Ms. Pam and Ms. Kathy always greet each child with a hug as they enter and exit school.  I have always appreciated it.  It has always warmed my heart.  But for some reason, on this day, as I let my tears of gratitude fall I realized that they really mean it.  
Those hugs aren't just part of the job.
They are real and my momma heart is so very thankful.

Be kind to me and my heart will thank you.
Be kind to my children and my heart is yours...


  1. Such sweetness for our sweet little man...I know how much his heart overflowed with the love he must have felt..I love you Collin Bug, but can you please stop growing up so fast ..please..xo

  2. How could he not melt your heart, such a sweetie and so grown up!