Friday, May 11, 2012

Today was such a sweet day with my Collin bug.
I celebrated Mother's Day with him and his class.  
Precious children I tell you.

Here are a few of them.
Sweet, sweet Collin (back left) how I love your camera face.  
These sweet peas sang the cutest songs for all the momma's.
One was called "Butterfly".
Ms. Pam turned our attention to the class butterfly garden.
6 beautiful butterflies fluttered about a netted cage of sorts.
Pam went on to explain that every year the entire school grows butterflies.  Each class was given 6 caterpillars and they watched as they went through the cycle of life.

Of course the children long awaited the day that their butterflies would finally hatch.  All of the other classrooms had nets full of 6 butterflies.  Not one of hers had hatched.  The cocoons were extremely dry and she had pretty much decided that she would have to "borrow" a few.

But before resorting to drastic measure she had the children pray.
They asked God to allow their butterflies to grow.
Asked that He would breathe life into them.

The next day there were 2 fluttering about.
And 2 more were added for the next two days!

Pam actually shed tears while sharing the story, and so did the momma's.  Such a simple story of how God answers prayers, even those as simple as a child's.  They asked, they believed, He answered.

Beautiful don't you think...

Sweetest boy ever with his very proud momma!

We were given a potted flower and this precious card.
 On the inside it reads...

A piece of me I give to you.
I painted this flower to say "I love you".

The heart is you, the hand is me.
To show we are friends, the best there can be.

I hope you will save it and look back someday
at the flower we shared on your special day.

-Kathleen Lademan

And then the question and answer.
We were told there was absolutely no prompting.
All answers are organic...

My mom is special because...
she loves me.

I like it when my mom...
works on the computer.

My mom can do many things!  I think she is best at...
driving a car.  Sometimes she speeds.
(oh yes he did haha)

My mom has a pretty smile!  I like to make her smile by...
doing what she tells me to do.

My mom is smart!  She even knows...
how old our house is.

My mom is prettiest when...
she wears earrings.

Oh my sweet Collin.  You will never know how much I enjoyed our time together today.  The songs you sang, the snacks we shared, the laughs we laughed...
but most of all sweet boy it was the precious smile you wore on your face.  The hugs that you generously gave.  The way you proudly held my hand everywhere we went.  All symbols of the love that you hold in your heart for me.  A love more valued than anything this world has to offer.
I could not be more proud to be your momma.  
You are such a gift son, my handsome treasure.  
If I could choose to be anything in this world, anything at all, I would choose to be your mom... 

I love you son,
to the moon and back!!

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  1. You are raising a sweet boy! Happy Mother's Day to you!!!