Friday, October 19, 2012

Another kindergarten first

Today was Collin's first kindergarten field trip!
Daddy and Madelyn joined in on the fun and chaperoned.  
 I was already out of the classroom two times this week for school business so I decided I should sit this one out.
Daddy did a fabulous job of documenting the day through pictures!

Collin was very nervous about this trip.
He said he "needed me".  
Since starting kindergarten he suddenly feels he needs his momma for anything and everything that involves school.
I was so happy when daddy reported that Collin got over his nerves and had a great time!!

This child would have gotten on the bus and ridden away without any of us.  I don't know that she has ever been nervous about anything!  :)
 This kindergarten crew~

Parents drove separate from the bus.
Collin was just eagle eyeing his teacher to make sure she did indeed make it back onto the bus.  :)

What a fun day for the kinders and their families!

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