Monday, January 14, 2013

Grab your dancin shoes!

Drumroll please....

Ladies and "gempalin" we have a dancer in our house.

Yes, yes it's true dear friends!!

 She had quite the audience for her first class.

Waiting patiently with Cora, Eva and Collin.
 Selina, Grammy and Daddy were also there to observe this special event.  
I heart these tippy toes.
(and the blue undies hanging out of her leo)

 Tongue out at all times.  Check!

 Selina is helping our ballerina change into her tap shoes.
Madelyn looks at Collin and says...
"Did you see me dancin?  Wasn't that GREAT?"

 From squats... stomps, girlfriend's got it goin on!

 These pictures do not do this next moment justice.
Just before leaving these sweet four huddled together hands on top of one another...

I'm quite sure between the enormous entourage we brought and the thousand camera clicks the other moms wonder who the crazy dance mom is.  
Well, let me introduce myself...

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